Blood · Spirit · Land · Water · Freedom

by Curtis Brothers Quartet

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Steve Wood
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Steve Wood Most of the way this is an excellent record of acoustic latin jazz. Some questionable electric keyboards (would be fine in another context) on a couple cuts, but otherwise an amazing album. Great example of a blend of straight-ahead jazz and Afro-Cuban music. Favorite track: Thoughts Not My Own.
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Blood, Spirit, Land, Water, Freedom

Each of these represent key components to our physical and metaphysical experience and (relative) reality. Because we are human and of Life, these are the essentials which define our mind, body and soul since Existence. They make us who we are. Without any one of them we cease to be as we are.

Blood contains our DNA. DNA is something that is still mostly a mystery to us, though it contains the instruction to our entire being and history. Some scientist would like us to believe it is less important than it is. Perhaps because of the secrets contained within us. The four bases found in DNA are adenine (abbreviated A), cytosine (C), guanine (G) and thymine (T). With just the arrangement of these 4 letters, the blueprint and code of who we are, what we will do, how we will do it and much more are contained. This is our "computer program", the method of life, natures laws and a testament to the intelligence from which we are made. Blood is nothing less than the "way" of god or nature.

The Spirit is our truest essence, beyond the physical perception as defined by our 5 sense reality. Sight, taste, sound, smell, and touch are the tools these bodies allow us in order to experience this reality, but it is not what we are. We are spiritual beings in the midst of a physical experience. We experience this reality from our spirit and through our vessel/body. The body is our connection to existence in this 5 sense reality, also known as the 3rd dimension. While our bodies are finite our spirits our immortal. Made of life itself, we are eternal and of no past or future.

Land is a gift to us. Our extension, or rather we are an extension of land. It is not possible for us to treat the Earth better than we treat ourselves as we are of each other. When we begin to treat ourselves with respect and love through higher understanding so will we treat this planet.

Water is our conductor. The constant. It is everywhere. All around us, in the air we breath, in the food we eat, and in our bodies. Water is where we originate from. If Earth is our Mother, Then Water is our Father.

Freedom is the Sun. No one can give it to us or take it away. Do not confuse freedom with liberty. Liberty can be given and taken away. If you have a voice then you can speak. If you have a hand you can grab. If you have eyes you can see. If you have a soul you can love. Each and every one of us have the sun inside of us


released October 1, 2009

Zaccai Curtis: Piano/Keyboards, Luques Curtis: Bass,Richie Barshay: Drums/Bombo on track 14, Reinaldo De Jesus: Congas and Percussion, Micheal Dease: Trombone track 5 and 14, Frank Kozyra: Soprano Sax - track 5 and 14, Mark Whitfield: Guitar - track 13, Camilo Molina Gaetan: Bata - track 14, Giovanni Almonte: vocals - track 2, Julie Acosta: vocals - track 14, Tiffany Ente: vocals - track 14, Jee Youn Hong: Cello - Track 7, Sung Hee Choi: Viola - Track 7



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Curtis Brothers Quartet New York

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Track Name: Thoughts Not My Own
i lost my mind
i try to find it
through the noise and broken toys
i heard a voice

it sang to me
told me a story
said your worries are not real
you weren't meant to heal

you've been sold
your life's been told
by the powers that be

i'm alive but, trying to find
a reason to believe
life is worth what
some have taught is what we really need

given thoughts not my own
i'm not alone in this
"knowing" that i feel
between illusion and what is real
it's in knowing what i feel
i learn what's real

i learn what's real
through this illusion that makes me feel alien
to the good
i could've been
i should've seen through this
raised like cattle
life a battle between you
and the you allowed by your preachers
by our teachers
by our family
that sadly couldn't see that this insanity
makes us wrong inside
now, these thoughts
they are given
but not mine